Friday, January 04, 2008

A Taco Bell super feast before you drink your weight in beer is never never a good idea. HAPPY 2008!

So there are no pictures from actual New Years, too dangerous. There are only pics of the time Mary and I spent in Dave's house in Long Island, avoiding the bros and eating alot of Ragu. Wouldn't you?
Uhoh, mom is drunk again.

Uh oh, mom is flirting with my friends again. Gross

Dave wastes butane.

Press on nails for the New Year!


is the
cutest dog.

And if I haven't given you anything this Holiday Season, its because I was holding out to give you THIS. You are welcome.

I spent Christmas in upstate New York with a ton of fam.
My grandparent's house is like a museum.
You could make cool movies or fancy fashion shoots in it.
If you have nothing to do when you get out of school, or in May/June I'm thinking of hanging out there a bit. You should probably come.

My mom on the left with her older brother and sister


Gram with the new addition

Grampa's glamo

I only got around to making one gift, and this is it.
The beak is actually gold.

Hope you all had a Happy Holiday

Weavers, OUT!

A show I did about the Silasian weaver revolt. . .we looked fabulously miserable. It was called "Weavers". If you took and classic German Literature class you may have read it?

Maid Mary

Weavers drink Starbucks

Weavers wear vans covered in fabric and hairy leg warmers.