Friday, August 05, 2005

my head

My head hurts. Its probably from staring at this god forsaken computer screen for hours. . .where are my sunglasses? I think I've become addicted to the internet. I can't get my voyeristic fix from people watching when I'm a) not in Boston and b) sitting in an office all day. So I think I've become and internet voyerist, lurking in lj communities without posting and just finding out the randomist shit. What a god damn waste of time. I should be educationg myself, discovering the secrets of the universe, or time, or space, or finish siging up for fall classes. Instead I learn that hipster and emo kids like to take pictures of themselves and their peircings and spend almost as much time on the internet as I do, just writing about themselves and posting pics of what they ate for lunch. Ah. A week more of work is just about all I can stand. Office life is. . .


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Anonymous said...

when are you going to write more? If you keep a regular blog I will too.
--sarah the deal maker