Monday, November 21, 2005


How the indie kids must love him
A reggae singing Rabbi kinda rocks my world. This guy has been around so long and now I'm just getting into him. . .damn I need to not be so lazy. But he's coming from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to D.C. and Boston in December

Do you think singing from the Torah and Reggae vocals are somehow distant cousins? Like variations of eachother from differentparts of the world? That would be weird.

recommended downloading: Matisyahu Interlude or his spot from Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Anonymous said...

This jewish rapper came to madison last year, I was too embarassed to go= a shame.

Re: mix tapes. Here is the website for the cool mixed tape project in Chicago. I know the people who are doing this! nuts genius!

not to mention their website is "I'll cut"